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Best Case Scenario

Goal obtained! I didn't get my blog in today because I was actually working!!! Goooooaaaaalllllllll!!!

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On Olive.

My dog died suddenly. She had just been to the vet two days before. Her diagnosis was the usual regimen of steroids, antibiotics, and an anti-itch pill. But then last night, just after midnight, she collapsed and was gone within the hour. what the hell did we miss.


You could only use the term "good dog" with her as a curtesy. The way you say "cute kid" To your second cousin when she is showing you ugly baby pictures  of her kid. She was so bad. She ran away, survived a kidnapping, pooped in my shoes, and overall demanded a high level of customer service. But one thing I know is that she loved her brother Casper. She did that's right.


We had to put Casper down last month. Olive took to an almost rhythmic yelping daily after he passed. Years ago I took Casper on a trip to my parents house in Ohio. Olive threw up and had diarrhea the whole time He was gone. That's love.


I hope he waited for her in the great beyond. It would be the first time that Olive ever let him lead. Did Olive die of a broken heart? I don't know. But it makes you wonder what goes on in the mind of a dog.

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I'm trying to figure out why someone who has such a love of dogs would also be so allergic. My body is rejecting a passion of mine. That's nuts.

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It's Not the Most Wonerful Time of the Year...Yet

I went out shopping for Halloween today. Am I that organized? Hell no. But Spirit sent me a 20% off coupon good for today only. Thank you. Anyway I ran a few more errands and there is Xmas stuff out already! That's wrong. There are spiders and snakes in the same damn aisle as garland and gift wrap. WTF?

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Michelle Tomko's comedy is a fervent blend of tomboy sensibilities courtesy of the older brothers she grew up with in the Midwest and the barrage of perimenopausal chaos the East Coast world has heaped upon her. She pulls her humor from everyday observations and classic stories of family, travel, pets, and adversity. With razor-sharp crowd work and improvisational skills to the rock-solid timing of a veteran performer, Michelle’s act is not to be missed!

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