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Where Do We Go from Here?



So this happened. I don't think anyone in my congregation is particularly shocked. That's sad in itself. It should be very shocking that a congregation's sign is defaced in a land of free speech. UUCSJS spent their own resources to erect a sign on their own property that complies with all public decency laws and within days of putting it up are taking it down.


Now the web is full of smartie pants little quips from both sides of this issue. The article regarding this incident alone has dozens of comments: if you want to overload on it. I'll leave you to research that on your own. The question I would like to ask you is "where do we go from here?"


What can all the sides in this complex issue do individually to find peace, feel heard, and find understanding? I myself think it would be wise for the Black Lives Matter campaign to select more palatable test cases than African Americans directly involved in criminal activity. Children being shot in the street, rape victims, hell I'm still pretty ticked off about Nelson Mandela, these are all viable selections. Maybe this more moderate approach would help gain support. I also think that if the "all lives matter" counterpoint makers can concede that nobody is disputing that by stating that black lives matter. Because that is a flawed argument. Just as pro-life advocates are somewhat moot because there is no pro-death movement, screaming all lives matter is just silly. Or least it is not getting us anywhere.


I don't have any answers. But I know a few things that do not work. That is vandalizing an organization's sign. It doesn't change minds. It just makes busy work for the congregation member who volunteered to clean off the paint. What also does not work is writing offensive comments on the internet. That doesn't get us anywhere either. It simply galvanizes the opposition of the comments. Lastly, unless you meant to oppose the recent decision of "Inflate Gate" changing our sign to "BALLS MATTER" doesn't even inform the reader of what side you are on. Where do we go from here? Well for the vandal, clearly to an eye exam.




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Dog Fight

What a struggle in the skies over Atlantic City today. The Blue Angels doing perfect peels with puffs of jet fuel smoke. And then cell phone filters accidentally shooting seagulls doing the same moves. As if to say "yeah". "Big deal."

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In Formation

Even though I'm opposed to the military-industrial complex and all that testosterone-laced bravado within the top guns, those blue angels are pretty flippin' cool.

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We Shall Overcomb Some Day

I for one am totally excited about the prospect of Donald Trumpbecoming president. As a comedian I mean.


1. Can't wait for the country to get all the extra revenue from its new name "TRUMP'S United States of America".


2. No more bald eagles as they all sport the overcomb.


3. The wealth of knock knock jokes from the door in the wall will be unimagineable!

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River Rat

Today I left the ocean for a river. It was awesome on so many levels. I drank. I ate deep fried food. I hung out with the best bunch of friends. I raised my self-esteem to greater heights by people watching where the outfitters drop off the crazy white trash at the launch site. Great day.

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