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No from the Top

I have decided that if I am going to hear the word "no" from people in the industry it is going to come from the top. Look out George Shapiro. I'm coming for you.

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Memories of Bob

A member of the Unitarian Universalist society I attend died this past weekend. An email thread started with parishioners writing condolences for his wife as well as fond memories of him. It never fails to amaze me the power of the written word. It is so cathartic. Plus it helps you to organize your thoughts. I keeps your temper down and you out of trouble.

I remember that I went on a bicycle trip with Bob once. He had a few decades on me. but going up a most troubling hill he blew right passed me. 

Enjoy your next trip Bob. And keep an eye on us.

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Today I spent some time with a friend, her children and her grandchildren. It is a testament to my pal's parenting how well her children parented the grandkids. In turn it is also a testament how well the kids behaved themselves. I mean how often do you hear a seventh grader use the word pescatarian? Yeah. Spell Check doesn't even know that one yet. 

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Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July everybody!

I spent mine as a lot of people do - on the beach. However my friends also got married today on the beach. It was so symbolic. Steve proposed exactly one year ago today under the fireworks on the very same beach. Plus the families of the couple were trying to exact their will on the ceremony and the couple really instituted their independence.

So what happened? I played guitar. Everybody cried when they exchanged vows. We had burgers and dogs and shots. Then when the bride was sitting in her beach chair drying off from a dip in the Atlantic a guest said to her "you got exactly what you wanted." The bride repeated "I got exactly what I wanted." How many  bride's can say that with confidence no matter how much money was spent on the wedding?

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The Rehearsal Dinner

I had a great night tonight with friends and their families at the tradition prior to impending nuptials known as the rehearsal dinner. This notion really cracks me up. 

One it is dangerous to get the entire bridal party together for an event on the night before the big day. A ton of things could happen. Someone could get a bad shrimp. A groomsman could sleep with a bridesmaid. There could be a fight and the father-of-the-bride could get a black eye. No? Is that just in my family? And secondly is there really a need to rehearse? You walk up. You walk down. We have seen it a million times. It is like having a Halloween rehearsal on October 30th. 

One of the groomsmen was missing tonight as he had another wedding. Do we really think he isn't going to figure it out? He's going third. I have confidence in him. Although if I were the happy couple I would have implemented a complicated dance move at the end of the aisle and not told him about it. Then he would feel like the drummer in the last scene in Whiplash! That would be cool. Maybe Texas is right. I am trying to destroy traditional marriage.

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