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In Defense of Straight Marriage!

It's not for me. It's not for everyone. But my friends love each other and who am I to judge? Even though Steve is from Mars and Christine is from Venus. Who am I to say that an interstellar couple shouldn't marry? I just want them to be happy. 

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The Back Half Begins -or- Every Second Counts

Yesterday an extra second of time caused havoc on thousands of computer networks that connect the internet. It's amazing what one, single second can do. 

We spend a lot of time thinking we don't have enough time to do this or that. We spend a ton of time thinking too much time has passed for us to do what we really wanted to do with our life. We waste a lot of time.

As I begin the back half of my daily blog for the year I also find myself in the back half of my life. it feels like it is too late sometimes. But then a single extra second almost brought the big, bad, interwebs down. Imagine what we can do with an extra couple of years.

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Six Months In

I'm proud to say that today marks the six month anniversary of  my daily blog. I don't know what the 37 of you that read this did for entertainment before. But drink it in. I'm here for you. 

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Food for Thought

Strange coincidence tonight. As I logged on to blog about a great quinoa tomato pie my friend made, I saw that Atlantic City food critic Ed Hitzel died today. I only knew him in passing. But I think he would appreciate this post.

I went over to my friend's house today. And as she often does, asked me if I was hungry. Full knowing that I would be feed something fresh and tasty although I may not know exactly what the hell I am eating, I said "sure, what do ya got?" Today it was the last slice of a toasted quinoa tomato pie that I mentioned earlier. it was one of the best things I have ever eaten.

What you need to know about my friend is that she is one of those hippie dippie, vegetarian all organic types. You can tell this by the amount of sprouts that are on your plate and the fact that she looks and acts twenty years younger than she is. There must be something to it. 

So far at her house I have enjoyed countless garden burgers, eggplant and tamari (fancy soy sauce) stir fry, these freaky green cookies her grandkids wouldn't touch, and a million salads and green drinks. But tonight she outdid herself. But every night what sets her food apart is that it is made with love. You can actually taste the love. It's in there.

So as Ed might put it: The well-roasted quinoa crust with subtle notes of toasted coconut and sesame was the perfect foundation for the dense rainbow of slivered, organic, vegetables that were perfectly cooked.

Cook with love people. Unless you don't want me popping over. Then just pop in a pizza.

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Facing the Nation

Today on Face the Nation John Dickerson said "gay marriage is the law of the land. Does the Republican Party need to do anything?" WHAT? Aside from the obvious like the religious right that is all over this issue, is this a Republican/Democrat issue? There are gays who want to get married on both sides of the aisle no? I was shocked at the way the question was phrased.

Scalia said some pretty stupid shit. Does the Democratic Party need to do anything? Fox News is still on the air. Does the Democratic Party need to do anything? Shit no. We all need to do something.

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