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When Is It Time?

Probably not the best lead into a comedy blog. But I'm going to be putting my dog to slep soon. He is a lab mix and pushing seventeen. That's a lot for a bigger dog. The question now is when is it time?


I used to pray for my animals to go by themselves. You know. Peacefully passing through the night. I wake to find them curled up in a ball with their favorite toy and a light smile on their face. Then my cat Buzz died in my arms a few years ago. Beleive me. A home death is anything but cinematic. So there are no good answers.


You can wait until they can hardly move and they stop eating. Or you can take them in and put them to sleep while their tail is still wagging. I've done both. Both suck. Both are the price you pay for having animals. Another genius design from the man upstairs. Making man's best friend's life expectacy a tenth of us humans. It's right up there with periods and wisdom teeth. Which is why you'll never see me pleading a case for god being a woman.


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Michelle Tomko's comedy is a fervent blend of tomboy sensibilities courtesy of the older brothers she grew up with in the Midwest and the barrage of perimenopausal chaos the East Coast world has heaped upon her. She pulls her humor from everyday observations and classic stories of family, travel, pets, and adversity. With razor-sharp crowd work and improvisational skills to the rock-solid timing of a veteran performer, Michelle’s act is not to be missed!

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