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I Mustache Missed Something

In the past couple of years I've been to a baby shower, countless parties and now today to a girl's birthday party with a mustache theme. What is happening? Does Bic do something non-PC so we can't shave anymore? What is with the current magic of the mustache?

I know about the colon cancer awareness. I know about the gays using beards - boy do I ever! But is there something more to it? I'm off to Lizzy's birthday party. I'll let you know what I find out.

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Michelle Tomko's comedy is a fervent blend of tomboy sensibilities courtesy of the older brothers she grew up with in the Midwest and the barrage of perimenopausal chaos the East Coast world has heaped upon her. She pulls her humor from everyday observations and classic stories of family, travel, pets, and adversity. With razor-sharp crowd work and improvisational skills to the rock-solid timing of a veteran performer, Michelle’s act is not to be missed!

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